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Found 25th Oct 2008
Everytime i go clubbing with a friend she always ditchs me for guys she does not even know. She has promised me loads of times she wouldent do it, Its not the diching me that bothers me as such its the lieing to me, plus im usually always left alone in a club while shes "busy". Im not out spoken as her to do that plus i would never do something like that in a club. Iv tried talking to her loads about it and she makes the same promise then it goes out the window then were out.
When we last went out she asked if one of our friends could stay at mine, and i let him, thing is tho she has been "busy" with him before when he stayed she she did again when he stayed this time after saying NOTHING would happen
I ended up going to sleep on the couch and i have problems with my hip which dident get helped by sleeping down there
She said sorry to me loads of times and of course i forgive her
but now i dont know what to do because i cant trust her to go out with her again
So any suggestions?
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Find someone else to go out with. Bringing a man home when it's not even your home is out of order in my opinion.
Don't go out with her again...
YEP... My suggestion is come out with me instead.. :thumbsup:

seriously tho.. let her know its the last time and that she cant keep 'using' you.
...sorta sounds like a friend of mine. why dont u try going out in a group of people then you wont be left alone, as if she keeps doing it its just who she is, i doubt she really wants to upset you. See who else it out to have fun with or go with a group.
get off with her dad
[COLOR="Magenta"]I agree with the other posters find someone else to go clubbing with ,it`s obvious she`s using you to go out with until she picks up a man so get rid if she phones and asks you to go clubbing again say no and find a proper friend [/COLOR]

get off with her dad

[COLOR="Magenta"]lol :w00t:[/COLOR]
give her a wide berth once you have told her what you think of her! its disgusting and she is no friend..
awwww think its time to find some new friends, if my friends treated me like that i certainly wouldnt class them as a friend
i think you need new friends, you just have to tell her how you feel and what will happen if she doesnt take your feelings into consideration, so if you lets you down again, you shouldnt even think of going out with her again
My philosophy on life is this... you get treated how you allow yourself to be treated.

She's treating you like that because you're letting her. You need to be tough, tell her it stops, now. you need friends who act like friends all the time, not just when it suits them, ie, until they find some guy to hook up with, sorry but f**k being treated like that.

My philosophy on life is this... you get treated how you allow yourself … My philosophy on life is this... you get treated how you allow yourself to be treated.

thats now my moto ..

Goodluck op anyway, i hope you have some good nights out :thumbsup:
dump her ...
.................... can i have her number

.................... can i have her number

you've got it

you've got it

cheers sass, didn't realise you and vampiress went clubbing together :-D
digging further down owlass, any just dump her and get decent friends

I know how u feel I have a friend the very same.....she ditches me as … I know how u feel I have a friend the very same.....she ditches me as soon as she finds one or more men and then trys to bring them back to the hotel room we were sharing...my advice is dont go out with someone like that again.....its disrespectful...and not the kind of thing a true friend would do.

I had a friend exactly the same - that's not a friend. Agree completely with Jellybaby:thumbsup:
Sounds like you are being used - i would find someone else to go clubbing with. If she is away most of the night with other guys as you say - you will hardly miss her.

digging further down owlass...

eh ? .... :thinking:
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