What do i do?

    Ok basically this is a request for advice from you very knowledgeable people.

    I have a c905 mobile which has now gone faulty, i will receive my FOURTH c905 tomorrow from orange.

    The girl on the phone revealed orange dont need to replace it after 6 months, she tried to get me to take insurance.

    The phone internal speaker goes silent and only works the the C button is held in.

    Unreal this issue aint been fixed with sony.

    Iv tried a software update the lot.

    So what can i do? they wont give me a new make of mobile. or a new model.

    If this breaks after 6 months (which it will i kno it) im phoneless and holding a contract with these idiots.

    I had also bought music and games on my first c905 which i cant get back!

    Help all


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    change companies

    got bout 18 months left of contract or i would

    its the same for orange internet, my gaming online is laggy.

    hating this mob now

    Tell them you will go to watchdog.
    Stand your ground. Don't take no for an answer.

    not had any probs with my c905, i love it, had it 6 months so far

    Your phone will have 12 months warranty but Orange replace faulty phones during the first six months,They dont have to do this they could just repair the phone as some other shops and mobile providers do, Orange is no different to anyone else,If the phone breaks after six months it will need to be sent to Sony ericsson for warranty repair ,
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