what do i need for renewing road tax

Found 3rd Dec 2008
partners asked me to look out the documents, as i do not drive i have looked out so far insurance, redigstered keepers details and thats it, he said something about raod tax certificate but i cant find it for renewal, its due to be renewed at the end of the month, does the dvla send us a renwal form? or do i have to take the current one in?

am a bit confused lol and not am not blonde and am only 22 and dont drive and yes i am a woman
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The DVLA does send out the reminder - why not renew it all online or by phone - easier and quicker if you have the reference number or the registration reference number - the DVLA check the insurance and mot from it's records so you don't have to do anything except pay up!

When you’re ready
Be sure to have the following to hand:

the 16 digit reference number printed in the yellow box on the front of your V11 reminder or
the 11 digit reference number shown on the front of your Registration Certificate and your vehicle registration number
your DLA404 if you claim disability exemption
your debit or credit card


Also get your boyfriend to do it - the lazy git!
Yep, like previous reply. Follow their advice and link.

I renewed mines online and it took 2 minutes. Once you get your renewal form there will be a reference number on it. This is what you need to renew it online, it automatically checks your insurance and MOT are valid, and if so will then ask you to pay and thats it. A few days later the tax disc will arrive in the post!

If your renewing at a Post Office then you will need a valid MOT certificate (thats at least 28 days valid I think) and also your motor insurance certificate along with your tax disc renewal form.

Do not leave it to the last minute if doing it online. Coz if your new tax disc hasnt arrived by the time the old one goes out of date, you can still get pulled over by Police and get a ticket even though the car would legally be taxed (its an offence if you dont have a valid tax disc displayed).
Obviously the cops would check and see that you have paid your tax but its their discretion whether they issue a ticket or not, for not having a valid tax disc displayed.

So if you are going to renew it online, I'd do it as soon as the renewal form arrives in the post. :thumbsup:
As above, do it online but use a debit card or they'll skank you for an extra £2.50. Disk should arrive within 2 days. Wish other online retailers were as fast :lol:

Also (afaik) they're still running a compo to win a car if you tax or sorn online ;-)
How did you get on?
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