What do i need for Xbox Live

    What's else do I need for Xbox live apart from the wireless Adaptor? Do I need a Live Membership and Microsoft points?


    an xbox

    TV to view it & maybe a game + Control.

    when you make an account you will get one month free xbox live gold membership, then you just need to renew that

    You need an xbox (dur)
    Don't need a wireless card though it's easier then having a massive cable.
    You will need an xbox live subscription, though for the first month it's free when you sign up.

    I don't think you need an xbox. You can use a PS3 and play playstation network.

    actually you can get onto XBL from a computer and pay for Gold membership and MS Points without an Xbox, dur!!

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    Thanks for the actual usefull answers
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    a router and most importantly a connection to the internet... unless you are planning on stealing your neighbours wireless with that adaptor of yours

    which xbox have you got if its the new one it has got wireless built in

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    which xbox have you got if its the new one it has got wireless built in

    No its not the new one it the premium.
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