What do i need to bring to the airport?


    Im going away next week for a few nights for a trip i booked with sky travel. Now on the email they sent me they said i need to bring a printed receipt of the itinerary with me.

    Is that all i need to bring besides the obvious passport etc...?

    With all the security fears it seems a bit easy to be able to check in with only a printed itinerary with my name on it.

    Also as the flight was booked apart of the package do i need to check in online aswell? I will be taking luggage with me so i will have to check in at the airport but do i also have to do it online aswell as the itinerary i have been sent is very basic (just says my hotel room and name and the flight number and time)

    Any help would be appreciated


    Most of the time I just hand over my passport and that's enough. Only occasionally do I need to show my itinerary (and I travel a lot).

    The airline wont care about your hotel reservation, though taking the information about your package deal wont hurt.

    Never used sky though.

    I suggest you take a sleeping bag for that long delay at the airport if this weather dont change

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    Sorry i should have made that clearer, i meant that when i get to the hotel should i just show them my itinerary, as they will have my name down for having a reservation?

    Also does anyone know what happens if a flight would be cancelled, seen loads of cancellations due to the weather recently and do they try get you on the next flight out or is that it?

    You only need a passport, as it's all on computer.

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    You only need a passport, as it's all on computer.



    I can see this thread running and running...............

    for starters, which airline?


    at the hotel you will need booking reference and passport

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    I can see this thread running and running...............for starters, … I can see this thread running and running...............for starters, which airline?

    The airline is Jet2


    The airline is Jet2

    You need to check that you have baggage included in your deal, and the maximum weight allowed.

    I would check with Sky travel to verify what you are / are not allowed, it seems that they havn't given you much info.

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    Yeah they havent really given me much at all.

    But the price i paid is the exact same price that (at the time) a flight cost on the jet2 website including one piece of checked luggage and one piece of hand luggage.

    Im just really wondering if i need to check in online aswell, it would seem common sense that as i have to check in at the airport shouldn't have to online aswell, especially seeing as i didnt book through the jet2 website so i don't have the details they need to check in online.
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