what do i need to live in australia??

    im a qualified windscreen fitter
    the miss is a qualified teaching assistant
    i can get work via my employment but do i need anything else to work there just a thought if anyone can help cheers


    A good few grand in the bank and a hat with corks on.

    P.S. no criminal record also.

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    how much is a good few grand??


    P.S. no criminal record also.

    you would think they would insist on a criminal record to fit in


    how much is a good few grand??

    Around 30k for you and at least 10k for your mrs.

    A plane

    lucky, ive got a degree and 5 years experience in IT and i am struggling to get a visa, and the 5k application fees are steep.

    If your jobs on here:…pdf

    then you just need to have your skills assessed and then you can apply.

    time frames are upto 18 months for independent but if you can get sponsored then its normally alot less.

    Went to a Australia Skills expo last month at australian embassy and was v helpful for me.

    stupid website wont let me edit my last post.…rd/


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    you would think they would insist on a criminal record to fit in


    It's getting harder, my brother is looking at going he's a qualified engineer on 40k got money in the bank, but to hit the points he needs to pass an english language test (he's dyslexic) or be sponsered, 5 years ago he would have got in easy.

    since july its got really hard to get a visa.

    edit: ive been advised best way is to go on a years working holiday then try and turn a contract job into a sponsorship then can turn that to perm residence.
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    [expired] I dunno if this still works but if you can get a sizable criminal record the british government will send you there for free.

    You'd need a high factor sun cream!


    If only a British government made it so damn difficult for people to emigrate to the UK!


    you need thick skin a sense of humour and you need to be able to deal with thick people on a daily basis........all aussies are complete numb skulls

    but once your here you wont wanna leave........(providing you can put up with thickos)!!

    a house

    (or some sort of accomodation)
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