what do i need to mod my psp?

    Hi guys I'm getting a psp off my mate for a good price and was wondering what i need to mod it. I've got no idea what firmware is on it but I don't think it's the latest. Think it may be around 2.0. I'm not sure if I need pandora battery or not as this is all confusing. I'd appreciate it if someone could help


    Hi there Bub if its a fat psp with 2.0 no need a pandora Battery just download the psp downgarder to mem stick and install.. follow link…tml

    The easiest way is a Pandora battery, and a 'Magic' memory stick.

    Where do you live? Going by the avatar, Somewhere down south.

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    lol your right I live near windsor.

    Yeah all about the battery and stick now from what I've heard. Tempted to get a PSP myself now being able to mod them is guaranteed, but I think it'd just sit around collecting dust.

    I have lent mine to someone, but if you are stuck, I will lend you it next week(Deposit needed).

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    is there a walkthrough on her so i can have a look at what i need to do


    is there a walkthrough on her so i can have a look at what i need to do

    There isn't one on here, but I used this one. (Warning this site is extremely slow to load):…243

    Go to dealextreme and search for a pandora battery. Buy that pandora battery (preferably with a memory stick). You can get it for £6 to £17 depending on the package you choose including delivery. Search for 'magic memory stick' on youtube. Find a tutorial you like on youtube or google it and turn a memory stick into a magic memory stick. Follow instructions in your tutorial of choice to mod your psp. Then, play Final Fantasy VII Crisis core and tell me if its any good.
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