What do I say for this haircut?

Found 26th Aug 2012
In need of a hair cut and rather like plan b (ben drew) new hair cut I know it's short back and sides but what grades are they?
Link below
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Take in the photo
Just print it off and take it in or have it on your phone etc. At least that way they can get it exactly like it.
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Ask for an Alan Davies.


Did you just out yourself?
Ask for a reverse comb-over with a quiff.

Ask for an Alan Davies.

[image missing]

say you want a sinead o' connor
it only looks that way because hes waxed it/hair sprayed it over.
Mines similar.

Probably say no2/3 back and sides.
Scissor cut short on top.
I think you would be safest taking the photo. If the stylist can actually see what you want there is less chance of him doing something totally different. And if he does you will be within your rights to complain as with a picture there can be no room for misinterpretations
Its a short back and sides. Grade 2 faded

But if your scared then take a pic of it on your phone and show edward scissor hands.
Just ask for a davy crockett X)
real men let their hair grow.

[image missing]

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No. 2 back and sides
Just say "I would like a haircut like Ben Drew from Plan B"....

If that draws a blank say "I want a Gary Barlow cut"!!!!
can we see it when its done?
Here is what I would say...

"Hi Jeremy, could you cut my hair like this please...


No homo"

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