What do kids wear for christening?

Found 12th Sep 2010
We've been invited to a christening next weekend. Ive never been to one before, im wearing trousers and a smart top, husband a shirt and tie. Should our 5 year old son also wear a shirt with smart trousers and shoes, or jeans tshirt trainers?

I dont really know anyone else whos going with kids to ask what they are wearing, i dont want him to look like a tramp or over dressed!

Thanks in advance
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Ask the people who are inviting you?
smart/casual dress...jeans with a shirt and shoes?
yes I think smart but casual, not necessarily a shirt, as long as your lad is comfortable.
I would say smart casual, probably best with a casual shirt rather than t-shirt, and smart jeans
My boys wore trendy (new) jeans with a shirt and tie (and waistcoat)- and looked rather cool - to my youngest daughter's Christening. (Boys are three and two.)

If it were mine, I'd dress them in smart/casual shirt, some nice trousers … If it were mine, I'd dress them in smart/casual shirt, some nice trousers and smart shoes, even if it were their school shoes to save buying another pair.I wouldn't put them in jeans or trainers but then that's me, I don't think it's smart enough for a Christening.

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Id put my son, in smart trousers, a nice shirt, or smart jumper and smart shoes. Have a look in next because they do little sets the majority of the time, which contain smart trousers, shirt, and waistcoat...very very cute!!

I'm wearing a black and white dress with a white cardy or a pinky , peach dress what Is sparkly a t the top with white heel sandles...8)


Kids not far off puberty!

​It's ok, they're a dog lover not a goat lover!
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