what do people think of 6G internet provider

Posted 23rd Oct 2014
Been thinkin of swiching my internet provider from virgin media 2 a new one called 6g, seen they shop in Blackburn town centre which has closed down.


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Not at all convinced for various reasons
they've been going for a year so if they are as legendary as they claim to be, they would've made some ripples in the media and tech world

have a look at the rest of the world's view:
My partner and I visited their Blackburn store shortly after it opened last November, and ordered a broadband package from them. The order was placed in store on the day. We asked them not to take the deposit until the following week, and to put both our names on the account. They took the £100 deposit the day the order was placed, almost sending us overdrawn. When I rang to complain, they wouldn't speak to me, as my name wasn't on the account, even though this was agreed upon at point of sale. They eventually said that we couldn't get an installation date, as they didn't have enough subscribers in our area (Rishton) to make it worth their while. By March this year, nothing had happened, so we cancelled and got our deposit back. We thought no more about it until July, when we received a call from a 6G rep. He offered to sign us up for regular broadband at normal speeds, until such time as our area was ready to receive 6G. We obviously refused that offer. So almost a year after we placed our original order, we still can't get an installation date.
I know a few years have past since this was posted, is anyone using them for broadband ?
Following - also was interested in 6G recently but put off by the poor reviews around the net.
yep same

I'm with boundless at the moment
Which is very good but 20 gbp for 10 mg

Use it for a voip line as well

I'd like a bit more bandwidth , I might subscribe to both for resilience !

Same as you though getting put off by negative comments....
I ordered their broadband November/early December 2016 and they were quick to take the £30 installation fee. Never heard back re installation date as promised so had to chase this. Eventually got a date for installation but the engineer failed to turn up or even call to say they would not make it. I gave up and cancelled the service mid December. Still chasing the refund and being told varying information by different people at 6g. If it is not received next week I will report to watchdog. Really unimpressed with this servive. Big promises but fail to deliver.
Suspicious post there on an old thread by a member that joined today. Maybe I'm just too cynical.

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