What do people use mostly now the FS/FT Forum is gone?

Found 27th Apr
I have to be honest, i loved the FS/FT forum on here. The feedbacks meant you could usually trust someone unlike on gumtree, and there were no crazy ebay fees, and i've never used preloved. I tried Lokal, but does anyone even use it?

I guess my question is, what do people who used to be active on the FS/FT forums use nowadays? Thanks!
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Facebook for sale pages/groups. eBay depending on item.
Facebay is quite commonly used now, and it’s helpful that it’s now built into the Facebook app (and is also more active as a result). Don’t think there’s any fees but then again I haven’t used it myself.
Shops. I'm old fashioned that way
Lokal is absolute tripe. Unless you're dealing with the regulars from here who transferred over, I would steer clear!
Yep miss the FS section, was just getting my feedback up as well. Real shame it had to go.
Shpock has been really fantastic for me and I only live in a small ish town.
Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll check them out. I'd love to know why they closed the forums here, I get the fact they want to be deal focused, but it is also about the community, and it was a great resource instead of using the usual routes. Ah well
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