What do these have in common?

    Dick and Doof
    Helan and Halvan
    Gog and Crokke
    Flip i Flap
    O Bucha and O Estica
    Crik and Crok
    Xonapoe and Aznoe
    El Tikhin and El Roufain
    Sisman ve Zaif


    dunno :? should i know

    they all have a common letter in their names?

    Laurel and Hardy


    Are they Laurel and Hardy in different countries?

    Pinky and Perky?


    Are they Laurel and Hardy in different countries?

    I agree

    or are thay the names of fames double acts in diferant langwages

    Your avatar is a bit of a clue!

    They don't make sense? :thinking:

    They all appeared in a post on HUKD. See i'm so right you'd have to lie to say i'm wrong :w00t: (and I just woke up pmsl)

    Original Poster

    Well done those who got Laurel and Hardy.

    Oi, behave...... :lol:
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