What do u think of the Avatar Trailer ??

    Just watched the trailer i think it looks amazing !!!


    link dont work shame

    Original Poster

    it was working watched it a few times i think its being hammered :thumbsup:

    I don't get it why did that take longer to come out then it did when did Final Fantasy come out, must of been 5 years ago now. Doesn't look any better then CGI wise.

    I don't think it looks any good tbh.

    its cgi it looks well real to me

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    does anyone else feel it a like like halo??

    Just a teaser. Best to judge it when you see it like its meant to be seen, in 3D.

    CGI wise, alot of it does look very good, we will never get 100% realistic for a long time, plus in our mind we know its cg.

    I think this looks pretty damn photorealistic...


    does anyone else feel it a like like halo??

    I was trying to think where have I seen that before.

    Yeh really like it.
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