What do you all think about the 3DS? It is worth getting?

Found 12th Dec 2014
Hi all,

I am considering getting a 3DS however I was wondering what people thought about it. I have owned the original DS and the DS lite but I don't really get much time to play games and the only free time I have is when commuting to and from work.

I have hard lots of poor things about the 3DS battery life when in 3D mode, also what are the current games like? Are there any great games on the platform?

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My kids spend most of the time with the 3D off. Most of the current games are all aimed for a very young market.

I agree with phs6swj. My 7 year old son never has the 3D on and whenever I go on it I always have it turned off. It's too distracting. I'd go with a 2DS, but get the XL.

there is a new 3ds coming out next year so don't rush out and buy one now if you like upto date consoles.

I have a 3ds xl and i rarely have the 3d turned on as I feel it is more of a novelty but I don't care as it's an awesome looking console and was one hell of an upgrade from my DS!
Games that come out are for 3DS/2DS only and aren't backwards compatible.

I personally don't like the look of the 2DS or how it doesn't fold closed like the ds/3ds. I suppose that is a personal preference.

There are some amazing games! I only play with the 3DS slider off so can't comment on that aspect.

If I was you though I'd be tempted to wait until new one, unless you want to play over Christmas.

Agreed wait for the new ones theyr much better and have a second analogue stick NEW 3DShttp://static.trustedreviews.com/94/00002ed45/dff3/New3DS-08.jpg

I have a weak eye and the 3D makes me go cross-eyed so I also leave it off when playing. But there are definitely a lot of great games out there and obviously there's the whole back library of DS games too. Personally I've gotten hundreds of hours of play time from my 3DS, so I would definitely recommend it

i play with and without my 3D on it all depends on how im feeling thou you have to hold console and corrent angle to get perfect 3D otherwise you get a bit cross eyed.

The disadvantage of a 2DS is that there is no wifi button. I dont find using the 3D reduces my battery really.

It is a definite good buy!

My sister got this for Christmas last year, she's barely played with it, she played more with the original ds. I think it could be a pain with the 3d and that you have to hold it at a certain angle and your eyes end up hurting after a while. She's an adult, but mainly enjoys playing puzzle games, so no need for the 3d effect I guess.
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Same as the others. we bought our 11 y/o son a 3DS and he never puts the 3D on.

My 8 year old as 3ds, he got it last year and at first didn't use the 3d much but he likes it more now , me however - I hate it! Makes my eyes all funny!

This guy thinks its miles better twice as fast too.

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