What do you always buy at Costco?

Found 15th Dec 2016
I'm going to Costco for the first time at the weekend and am wondering what things people always buy when they visit.

Anything that is much better value than normal supermarkets?

Already had a look at their online offers leaflet and got a few things planned!
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A jumbo hot dog from the cafe is my only must buy!
their massive pizza and the 1.75l bottle of french vodka.
toilet roll !
Cat litter,coffee and bottled water
We always get the fresh chicken breasts and, if you have a cat, the Litterpurrfect cat litter is very good, it is quite expensive but lasts for ages as there is no waste. Also the 3kg bag of Tate and Lyle's demerara sugar is a good buy. I am sure you will spot quite a few things when browsing around.
Their fresh chicken,sirloin steaks and their frozen southern fried chips.also dependant on their offers for gammon joint or beef joints.teabags are usually decent price but best idea is to have a look at their leaflet at the door get their free hot drink and have a look at the offers and remember the storage space you have available ie cupboard sizes and freezer sizes
toast milk butter philadelphia brown sugar bottled water Ariel Dettol to name a few
Extra Virgin olive oil, you can sometimes get 5 litres for under £15. Sugar, Salt, massive bottles of Nando's sauce, aunt bessies chips and washing up powder.
Tubs of olives, glacé cherries, side of hot smoked salmon, danish selection and own brand super concentrate washing powder.
44 bottles of water for about £3.
keep a crate in boot of car .
petrol is also soo much cheaper and better quality at costco
Oh my! Where to start.... Bottled water, cakes, meat, washing machine detergent, fruit to name a few.

Always end up spending loads of money, but things last for ages and are top quality.
Their dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser is excellent value when on a discounted price. I have bought a 1.5 lite for £3 in Sainsburys (on a sale) as I was desperate, when winter comes so does the kids vomiting. I am quite far from any costco and the nearest one is approximately 18 miles away, so when I get there I always buy x4 to stack up until they go on a sale again, they are priced at around £4 for a 2.5 litre (on a discounted price).
Soap powder and tattie scones 24 for £2
hoy dog & refillable drink
Washing powder
chopped tomatoe tins in my opinion they're much better quality. washing detergent powder usually buy daz when on offer. fillipo berio olive oil when on offer can sometimes get 5 litres for around £10. 15x1kg bags of sugar. tea bags, cheese, I usually come out with more than I went in for. oh their croissants are really nice too.

mind you some of their stuff is really overpriced too and can be had cheaper in your local supermarket even when not on offer in aid supermarket. so you need to shop savvy or download the mysupermarket app and check prices while you're going around.
tv's have a 5 yr warranty laptops 2 yrs big lurpak coffee mate demerara sugar mince pies are the best toilet roll when on offer kitchen wipes when on offer car tyres huge instore baked pizza or buy one uncooked but their so big I have to cut them in half and bake on seperate oven shelves , water is cheaper than anyone else carex blue is around £6 inc vat for a gallon birthday cakes are huge and cheap too , 32 degree fleeces are as warm as others around the £100 mark (£18) corn flakes twin pack ham greshingham duck blue dragon sweet chilli twin pack , you will need lots of storage space at home , coat hangers are really good too bananas are huge and top quality and cheap skippy peanut butter
*hit I don't need is what I usually buy.
Bakery line's really fresh and cheap. Philips 9000 series £120 ish Boots same one £285 (shaver for men).duracell ultra batteries all sizes huge saving against supermarket prices.pet food Whiskas and Felix .and soo many things .
It doesn't really seem worth it. No real saving compared to buying smaller quantities in proper shops.
Huge bag of frozen blueberries for my smoothies
I don't find it any cheaper for most things
Thick Cut Bacon. And Cider
Kirkland toilet roll - it's brilliant. The Daz is cheaper than the supermarkets even when it's not on offer and the 5L of Comfort works out cheaper as well unless there's s a special offer on at the supermarket you shop at normally. Their fruit and veg is often more expensive than the supermarkets, but the quality is a lot better in most cases. The toys and clothes can be cheaper than equivalent brands, but not cheaper than supermarket own brand clothes. The birthday cakes are great value and the rest of the bakery lines are great. The part cooked baguettes that come in 4 x 2 packs are great value too and work out cheaper than the basic ones at Sainsbury's.

Like others have said, the petrol and diesel is cheaper, but not all branches have a filling station. The Southampton one certainly doesn't

Enjoy the Costco buffet - there's always food stalls all round the place and don't feel compelled to listen to their sales spiel. Just graze some food and wander off

Make sure you take a debit card to pay as they won't take credit cards except Amex, even a MasterCard debit card will be refused. A Visa debit is fine though
Big packs of bacon .coastal cheddar , premium chicken nuggets Kirkland toilet rolls are fantastic value, and the cooked chickens are the best i have ever had
nothing because Costco and the like are the most expensive wholesalers out there
We always get a box of individually wrapped waffles *mmm* and the insanely cheap crates of water. Also, they sell spicy chicken noodles in polystyrene bowls, they just need hot water and they're gorgeous, I think it's about £8 for 12.
My parents buy lots of meat - aberdeen angus etc - they say its good quality and a good price (wouldnt know - I'm a veggy)

Tins of chopped tomatoes, sacks of bread flour, printer paper, coastal cheddar.

Booze always looks expensive.
You do need to watch the prices though and remember VAT. I don't think that the prices are great for everything, but I guess that applies everywhere...
Watch the offers, often very good deals on detergent.
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+1 for the Kirkland toilet roll. And Lavazza Rossa coffee beans are often only 1/4 of their price at Tesco.

Don't expect to weekly shop. I save the membership fee just buying 6 bottles of wine. Anything from bakery, meat, coffee, spices, sauces. It's very good quality otherwise we wouldn't go. Problem is it's packed at the weekend, cash or debit card only, NO credit cards apart from Amex.
Some items will be the cheapest around, some will be the most expensive so go in with an idea of what you want to pay first. I usually go in for imported foods. Can recommend Cheesecake Factory original in the frozen section - it's £14, but USA know how to make a good cheesecake.

People say that the meat is excellent - personally I prefer Makro on a £/quality ratio and there is usually more variety too.
I got their Kirkland toilet paper delivered recently and it weighs a ton, so much paper on a roll.
+1 for the premium chicken nuggets - surprisingly nice.

toast milk butter philadelphia brown sugar bottled water Ariel Dettol to … toast milk butter philadelphia brown sugar bottled water Ariel Dettol to name a few

​toast never seen that there. where do they sell it?

nothing because Costco and the like are the most expensive wholesalers … nothing because Costco and the like are the most expensive wholesalers out there

Pointless !

*hit I don't need is what I usually buy.

Why the suspension because of S@@t ?
Cheers for the tips guys, ended up getting M&M's, walkers crisps, chocolate brazil nuts, premium chicken nuggets, box of chicken satays and a few other stuff, some good prices as well!
Another vote for those premium chicken nuggets...and the mozzarella sticks....

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