What do you burn in a fire pit?

Found 17th Apr 2010
Silly question.............I love the idea of a fire pit and have brought one along with ready made firelogs, but can I burn ordinary logs in it? I know you cant have garden fires anymore but surely these are different? Or do I have to use BBQ coals?
If anyone has one any help would be appreciated. (And no smart comments please before they start flooding in!)
Thanks in advance
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Start with some coals, when they're nice and hot, chuck on some logs.

Job done
Houses of Parliament blueprints.
The souls of the damned
Logs are fine, just make sure they are well dried, otherwise they wont burn, or will smoke you out

WTF, who said you can't have garden fires? We burn all our waste each … WTF, who said you can't have garden fires? We burn all our waste each year. We have a big circle of rocks like 2m across that we burn it all in.

me too, there are no specfic laws to having bonfires in your garden, only the burning of that which pollutes ie chemicals, etc
The Environmental Protection Act 1990 enables local authorities to deal formally with domestic bonfires using statutory nuisance provisions of the Act. However, the legislation is difficult to enforce because it can only be applied to frequent lighting of bonfires at premises. The lighting of a single bonfire cannot be controlled using this legislation.

So- I can a one off garden fire but not many in succession- not that we get good enough weather to mean I want to be out in the garden at night!
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