what do you buy in bulk to save money?

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Found 17th Jul
As above what do you buy in bulk?
In regards to food and drink.

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I know a place sells 1000 penny sweets for 9.99

Depends whats on offer and its lifespan.

Kitchen towel, toilet roll, cat food, cat litter, toothpaste, tinned tomatoes, cheese, Pepsi max, tea, chocolate digestives. Anything that is on special offer which I know I will use basically.

Baked beans. They have a shelf life of years.

Nappies and pull ups

I did buy 9 boxes of 200 Twinings Early Grey 18 months ago and still have 3 boxes left, though wish I bought more now as they were only £6.33 for a pack of 3 x 200.

I don't buy in bulk but i tend to store all toiletries in bulk when they are on offer.
I must admit i buy toilet roll to last 4 months.


I know a place sells 1000 penny sweets for 9.99

Do you count them to make sure?.

Lidl half price weekend deals Especially the wash liquids. I buy 10kg chicken breasts from local butcher for 33 quid and bag them up and freeze... dog food bulk bags, wine on 25% off for 6 deals at Tesco or lidl offers again, car insurance one policy for all cars... haribos at 50p deals... the list is endless

Moisturiser whenever Superdrug have an offer of something free and there's some % off discount code knocking about.

Wife uses Costco as our local supermarket due to it being so near. So we end up with a lot of bulk buying of almost anything that will last and is on offer. Last time we checked we probably would not need to buy any cleaning stuff for about 2 years. Also, buy flour and rice in bulk as these can be stored on air tight tins.

Bog roll from Costco and a lot of other stuff that they have on offer that doesn't got off - depends what's on offer when and how much space we've got in the cupboard under the stairs at the time

Pretty much anything on sale with long shelf life. Needless to say, we have a big house to store it all. Lol
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