What do you define as a HOT deal?

    I've been using this site for a longlong while, not really one to submit deals my self so can't really criticize posters.

    But what do you call a hot deal.

    Just curious


    By definition a hot deal would be an item offered at a lower price than anywhere else.

    In reality people vote a deal cold because THEY don't want to buy it.

    I don't think the fact that some people will do that should stop people posting deals though, if you think its cheap then maybe someone else will too.

    something that when i touch it, it burns my frikin finger off.

    Now thats a hot deal

    A laptop for £49
    Family guy series 1 - 6 £17.49

    Sopranos box set for £18 :lol:

    i'm patient, I can wait.......

    If I posted it.


    A laptop for £49 Family guy series 1 - 6 £17.49:oops:

    LMAO! One day we'll find one that works!

    Something that offers good value for money and is cheaper there than anywhere else...

    heroes season 1 hd-dvd 12.99 *waits for dead format argument* i dont give a **** bout the format war ill buy wtf i want!

    when u know its not going to turn up well most the time that my son is a hot deal lol
    no really its when you know a price for somthing say £20 and you get it for a fiver even if you didnt even need or want it lol

    Best price around! I brought loads of stuff off here because its just the cheapest around and sounds like a good deal!

    Doesn't matter if you don't like it or you don't think its worth the money! Someone out there might.

    Hate people who vote cold for stupid reasons! Dead formats etc!

    yeah that does my head in if its not for you so what dont vote cold cause its blue and you want black or hd dvds dead bla bla its still a deal
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