What do you do for a living ?

    Im still in uni ...


    F/T Uni, P/T in parents chippy (actaully really its F/T!) oh and P/T weekend job.

    I am graduate demonstrator in uni, which just means i see things from the other side of the fence than workaholic and cyrus... :pirate:

    Is anyone here NOT connected to uni?

    F/T Accountant, P/T Ballroom and Latin Dance Teacher

    Girlfriend's still in uni though :lol:

    Student / self employed


    F/T mum, P/T Voluntary advice worker for a charity, P/T home study (OU)

    Original Poster


    F/T Uni, P/T in parents chippy (actaully really its F/T!) oh and P/T … F/T Uni, P/T in parents chippy (actaully really its F/T!) oh and P/T weekend job.

    lol, now I see where you got your use id from hehe

    Oh so theres actually quite a few uni people on here. Thats cool. That reminds me ... I should get off hukd and revise

    Come on everyone else ... what do you do

    dental health promotion

    IT Engineer for a Telco

    Used to be an Xplosives Xpert, now into construction of websites....

    Company Accountant for my Fathers sheet metal engineering company

    Self Employed Driving Instructor - And i've just decided to sanction my 3 week holiday request during the World Cup.

    Local Government!!


    lol, now I see where you got your use id from heheOh so theres actually … lol, now I see where you got your use id from heheOh so theres actually quite a few uni people on here. Thats cool. That reminds me ... I should get off hukd and revise :|Come on everyone else ... what do you do

    Yep correct on the username, also we're all POOR students therefore this site helps tons in our debt problems....

    Psychiatrist :oops:

    i deal blackjack in a casino!!

    P/T Cleaner
    F/T Fraud Credit Card investigator


    drowing pictures from time to time


    i deal blackjack in a casino!!

    what a job!!!


    Psychiatrist :oops:

    Help! Can you spare a few hours?


    Don't know why that's embarrassing to you poppy10 :? [Guess Psychiatrists are human too ;)]


    looks like many are in Uni, inc me

    not in uni yet..still a poor student - 2nd year of coll, hopefully uni soon, if i get off the net enough to revise for my exams!!

    Im a f/t mum p/t student:beautician diploma,i thought it would be easy,but you nearly learn as much as a nurse, about the human body etc

    only one year left now,thank god,anyone recieved any good tesco ecodes for extra points?


    i too am one of the many university students knocking about here

    Never made it to Uni - worked for the council in admin, then the fuzz in admin, then for the Body Shop *while I had the kids* - then mum only when chavling 3 came along for a while. Now I'm a mystery shopper on occasion.

    Oh and mystery shopping in the restaurants makes me porky. That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it! lol!

    Systems administrator for a games developer, alarmingly almost four years since I left Uni


    Original Poster

    John : Im interested going towards the gaming side career wise. EA isnt too far from me and it looks pretty good. I'd be either going towards the IT side (programming etc) or IT Security (more business'y).

    Just wondering if you have any tips hint in applying for the job and if you think its a good move. Thanks

    I'm very mixed on whether it's a good thing or not.

    On the plus side, you are working with many like minded individuals (there are several people I knew at Uni who work/worked at the same company as me), most people have a fairly good knowledge of computers so you're not stuck fixing stupid little problems with Office and the level of technology is generally quite good. I'm usually playing a game of some sort at lunchtime, I don't think you'd find people playing Guitar Hero multiplayer in a solicitor's office!

    But there are a lot of downsides, just over a year ago the company I was initially working for went bust leaving us all without a job or any money we were due. As with any job it's fairly depressing losing all that, but especially with a job where you get on well with people. More recently, the company I'm with cancelled a game and laid off most of the team - I kept my job but many of the people I've been good friends with and worked with for several years are all gone. Some of these people have had five different jobs in four years in the games industry, all ending with the company going bust. Right now, I'm concerned about the long term stability of the company I work for - I may be being pessimistic but I've been holding off making any large purchases in case this one goes the same way. It's a horrible feeling, and I really think this is the last time I'll work in the games industry - the benefits are good but I can't go through life just waiting to lose my job. More and more developers seem to be doing down the tube and it's not something I can see getting better, the Xbox360 and PS3 need massive amounts of effort to produce a game and the payoff simply isn't there - an XBox 360 game is 50 pounds, around ten more on average and a PS2/Xbox game but it probably took at least three times the resources and double the development time so even if it sells well it's unlikely to make much money.

    Another problem working in the games industry is that it's a desirable job - knowing this employers will often take advantage of this and work people very hard, late nights and weekends. I realise this sort of thing is not limited to games companies but it's something that is more common in games companies I would say.

    I have to admit I am in a fairly negative mood about it all right now, when it's going well I do enjoy it as a job but it's difficult to escape the downsides. Of course while you're young and free not being able to get a job which is going to last a lifetime isn't a show stopper, but as you get older it becomes more of a concern.

    As for getting in, experience, experience, experience seems to be what everyone wants - I know that's not what you want to hear as it's just irritating, how can you get experience when you need experience in the first place? Games companies are often working to very tight deadlines so it's more difficult to train people up in the sort of environment, results are needed and quickly. For programming, a good tech demo is essential - something which shows not only shows some good features but which is written well, there's no point in having a really fancy demo if it's just a mess at the code level because that's not any use when working as part of a team.

    Above all, go for it - you've got nothing to lose!


    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot John. Thats the kind of inside I wanted (so karma for you lol). Yeah I was thinking the same, theyd want experience which I dont have right now. Ill have to start small somewhere and work my way up, naturally.

    Well its good to know more about the games industry and I'll definitely bear it in mind when applying at a later date.

    Thanks a lot and good luck with your current job !

    I started off with a QA job - I'm not sure what it's like with other companies but with the couple I've worked with can be a good way to get your foot in the door. It lets you get a good idea of the company and lets you make contact with people who can help you put together what you need to get the position you want.

    Good luck, hope you manage to get what you want - just try not to be frustrated if you don't seem to be making much progress, unfortunately the current trend with applications seems to be just to ignore them entirely if the company isn't interested in you. Given e-mail is quick and free I think it would be much better if you at least got a response simply saying "Sorry, we're not considering you for the job, good luck in the future" blah blah blah - at one point I applied for about 25 jobs in a row and didn't hear back from most of them.


    this is a good thread ! im surprised how many people are so year 13 i have one week of school left EVER !!! muhaha

    lol i thought u sed u were 13 and have 1 week left, was thinkin you were a chav and got kicked out forever lol.

    lol !! i wish. i have bb coat though, innit blud !

    Air Traffic Controller (but now working in ATC systems) and former OU Student

    F/T delivery driver

    Youth Offending Service...with all of the naughty hoodies!

    IT administrator for a computer games company.
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