What do you do for a living ?? (Part 2)

    It would be interesting to know how people have progressed since my first thread on the same topic.

    I am am currently a consultant for a large Energy company in the City (which involves lots of travelling and freebies )

    What do you guys do ?


    I am unemployed :cry:

    me 2

    No longer a student, graduated, i bummed around for 5 months while messing around at asda part time, working for CapGemini now, finally a proper job!

    Original Poster

    Sorry to hear that guys ... if you are student, please also say.
    I hate Capegeminis group interviews lol

    stay at home mummy-my fiance trainin to be a manager at tesco

    Jus finished A Levels, and am now Freelance contracting. Companies come to me for small techinical jobs that they need doing - Website design, programming, data entry/cleansing, technical consultation etc..

    still a student - graduate in 6 months :-)

    What group interviews? :?

    I had this really easy phone interview/test, next thing i know i'm shaking hands! Pay could be better though :x

    full time student!!


    full time student!!

    Well, welcome here

    Locum Pharmacist

    Live in carer

    Playgroup Assistant (term time only) and full time Mum of 3 kids including twins (hence the name).

    I own my own internet business and housewife + mum to 4 chlildren

    How old are you Twins, Twinsplus?

    I have identical mirror twins (boys) just turned 12

    Hello to a fellow Twin Mum!

    Our twins have just turned 5 - they are boy/girl and are very close.

    Are your 2 very close?

    I was amazed at the amount of peeps who asked if they were identical (even our HV) - my reply was "No - one has dangly bit the other hasn't" LOL!

    I'm a graphic designer by day for the pharmaceutical industry, dance music DJ and producer by night.
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