What do you do with TV packaging?

Found 27th Jan
Sounds like a silly thing to ask.
I bought an OLED TV but the box and packaging is massive. I have a habit of keeping the packaging just in case it needs to be return which I have done for other AV equiment. Do you guys throw the box out? Have anyone have experience with return? (I bought mine from Peter Tyson).
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Store it in the attic. Never worth throwing out the packaging for expensive items like Tv's and AV gear.
Grabbed lg c7, chucked the packaging out after a week
Take ours to the tip. Can't be doing with around the house or the attic
anyone has experience with faulty tv?
I never throw any boxes out, I've got them in cupboards, sheds and the attic .
I had to return a 30 month old tv to currys once ( well 3 times because they couldn't fix it) I offered them the original box but they brought their own packaging.
Just been in the attic, I think I need a trip to the tip. Lol
I throw the packaging out. If it is small packaging, i keep it until the warranty expires.
I throw it away unless it's something I plan to sell on or it's small, like phone boxes.
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I usually keep the boxes from electronic equipment for a few years, then have a clear out.

Some TV and computer monitor manufacturers send out a padded box for your screen with the collection courier, if you're having it repaired under warranty.
I'm sure if you asked most companies, they could arrange a box to be sent out to you. The driver just needs to wait an extra few minutes whilst you put the screen in the box.
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Loft till you move house 28 years later and then have to deal with :-)
Always keep mine in the loft until the gtee has expired then fold them down and they go out with our cardboard recycling . Never had to return a tv , but twice had to return laptops and it's just easier in the box that it came in with the foam padding . That said I have a massive loft , so it's not an issue . It's just an old house , so the loft space runs at full height for most of the top floor.
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Sit in it and pretend to a spaceman
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Chuck it out immediately. Can't be doing with hoarding rubbish
Purchased a new TV yesterday
The box is flat in the attic
Only keep packaging if you plan on selling the TV later on.
If your TV is faulty and if you are given the option of refund, always good to keep packaging.

Otherwise destroy any packaging.
Usually keep mine for a week or 2 till I’m sure I’m happy with the tv. Life’s to short to be keeping packaging just incase something goes wrong in a year or so.
I usually keep a couple of weeks and then dispose of it, That usually gives plenty of time to spot any fault and return easily for a refund etc. After that it goes in the bin. You don't need the packaging if you're returning something faulty.
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