What do you do with your old mobile phones?

Found 19th Mar 2008
Hi there, I'm having a bit of a spring clean and have come across quite a few old mobiles and don't know what to do with them. Some work and some don't but I think they can be recycled???? Does anyone know the who/what/whereabouts of this?

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contact your local school as some recycle them and get points towards books and other activities
I normally sell mine on Ebay, I was given a broken Sony Ericsson k700i and sold it for £25, some of the older mobiles sell for a lot of money as they are sought after
Mazuma mobile

A few of the many companies that may potentially buy your phone / recycle it - Very good experience with the first two - no feedback on other 2
Tesco give you 500 points for a phone that switches on and 100 points for one that doesn't. Or they give money to the Red Cross if you prefer.
I believe they still do this anyway
If they are unlocked or on orange, get a blyk sim and use when you need some free calls?
there is a charity that collects old phones for recycling.

Maybe you could contact them.

Sold mine to Mazuma (is that the name of an orange)
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I didn't know there was that many options - saves throwing them in the bin!
i seed it in the garden and grow a tree with mobiles growing off it
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