What do you guys think? (Job Application Process)

    Good evening all...

    Well my girlfriend went for an interview 2 weeks ago (1st Stage). She passed the 1st Stage (competency based) and was asked to go to an assessment centre (2nd Stage).

    She went to the 2nd stage last week and completed the assessments. After her assessments they told all the candidates they would be in touch with a decision on Monday.

    Its now Wednesday!

    There has been no rejection letter in the post and no one has got in touch regarding a decision.

    My girlfriend did try ringing. First she rang the interviewer (manager) and she never answered thus left a voicemail. Then she rang the office and left a message with the administrator and she said she would let the manager know via e-mail.

    During the assessment centre my girlfriend gauged that there were around 20 applicants and 5 roles on offer.

    What do you guys think?? Has she been unsuccessful or hasnt the company made a decision?

    Also do you think because she tried to get in touch with them shows proactiveness or desperation?

    The wait is agonising...



    I don't think you can really tell just yet.

    I understand the wait is agonising, my DH just got a job after 4 months.

    I would say that most companies didn't seem to be in much of a rush.

    The job he just got, he went for the first interview before Christmas - and was actually expecting the 2nd around the same time... it got dragged out to Mid Jan and only 5 days ago was he told he got the job. Very similar situation too - where lots of people went for the job - and there were a few vacancies.

    I wish your GF lots of luck in getting the job - fingers crossed

    The best thing to do is just wait for an official decision, try not to think about it.

    Original Poster

    cheers guys rep added.

    I wouldnt worry too much, a lot of companies give a decision date but almost all of them are late in notifying applicants, whether they are successful or not.

    I'd give it a few more days yet. :thumbsup:

    I think your chasing shows initiative, not desperation.

    The company interviwing set themselves a deadline of monday and have not kept to it, I would be tempted to call again and mention that you were told that you'd know by Monday.

    It might be that they have made their minds up and feel that a rejection letter is not required! If this is the case it probably best or you if you did't get the job, if this is how they feel they can treat people then imagine what it would be like once your on the payroll!!!!

    You need to get an answer tho, so push for it, even if it's a rejection, ask them if they would keep your details on file incase any of the poeple they did offer the positions to fail to impress.

    If all else fails just keep positive, check your CV is in good order and maybe post it on a few CV websites where they do the searching for you. It'snot easy at the moment, but don't let this get you down.

    Good luck, I wish you well in your search.


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    u guys are lovely lol repd

    Give them a ring, suspense is over-rated!

    the company might be busy and unable to make a decision or the person who interviewed her may need to get clearance from a board of directors.


    in one experience with a company they were just curious to see who would apply never actually hiring anyone! i wasted a work holiday day just becuase some rich suit was "curious"

    [ one experience with a company they were just curious to see who would apply never actually hiring anyone! i wasted a work holiday day just becuase some rich suit was "curious"[/QUOTE]

    Lol, what a waste of time.

    they're just busy. I know it's tough back hang on til next monday and phone again.
    Not desperate, desperate is when you camp on the front step or phone every five minutes. Relax. :whistling:

    I don't think you're being pushy, what if an offer letter has been sent out but lost in the post? You'd probably appear worse if you DIDN'T get in touch so I'd try again tomorrow. However, it also makes you wonder if your other half is "first reserve" so to speak, I wonder if they've offered the 5 jobs but are holding on to your girlfriends letter in case one of them says they no longer want the job and will therefore then offer it to your girlfriend. Whatever the scenario may be, I would definitely say to chase it up again tomorrow - albeit politely!! Good Luck!!
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