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Found 15th Apr 2010
I'm after a laptop, dont do much apart from browse the net and word processing. i've seen this item on argos clearance as a refurb :

MSI X410 Widescreen Windows 7 14in Laptop.

AMD ATHLON 64 NEO processor.

14in screen size.
Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.
320GB SATA hard drive.

ATI RADEON X1250 graphics.

Multi card reader.

2 USB ports.
0.3MP webcam.
802.11 b/g/n wireless enabled.

Windows 7 Home Premium operating system installed.

Up to hours 3 battery life.
Weight 2.9kg.

On the Argos website it is £400, but a refurb is £265. Does anyone have any experience with MSI laptops (never heard of them before) and argos clearance products from e*ay?

It seems an alright price to me. Please advise...


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I'd have a MSI over a dell or Acer anyday, get it

why is that?

MSI are well known for making motherboards so they're quite an established brand. They also released a netbook called the MSI Wind which got good reviews so I think you'll be safe buying one of their laptops (provided you get at least a 1 year warranty - double check as its a refurb).

Spec wise it looks fine for basic tasks (and more). Sure, you're not going to be able to play the latest high end games but it should be fine for what you want.
The wireless n support is a nice touch as that'll be replacing wireless g as the most common wireless standard eventually..

As for Argos clearance on ebay, I bought a digital camera from them last year and it turned up quickly via courier - no problems.

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Didn't realise but don't c that being too much of a problem, but is a bit off putting- how would I for example install office from a cd?


OP you do know it doesn't have an internal DVD/CD rom?

Buying a USb hard drive is the only easy way really

other technical solutions are:
- Download the ISO (virtual image of the disk) for Office (or whatever), mount it with something like Daemon Tools and install as usual going through My Computer.
- Get on another computer with a CD drive and copy all the files off the CD to a USB drive and then plug the USB into your CD driveless laptop and run the installer (e.g. setup.exe) off the USB drive

external cd/dvd drive is 100x easier though

£400? LULZ.

Just saw you're going for refurd @ £265.

Was going to laugh you out of the thread otherwise

I bought one of these last week, received it on Monday and immediately noticed how loud the fan is, even when booting up. Any additional strain on the system, such as opening google chrome results in the fan becoming much much louder, which is very distracting when trying to do work.
For a fan to make this much noise you would expect the notebook to be kept very cool, but the bottom right hand side (where the output fan is located) gets extremely hot.
Another problem is the backspace,hash,right shift and up/down keys do not work at all, this fault developed Friday and yesterday. The enter key and a few other keys also do not work intermittently.
Will be sending it back tomorrow for a repair/replacement and will hope its not a serious design flaw, because otherwise its a brilliant machine for the price!
Does anyone else own one of these and has it had similar problems?
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