What do you guys think will be revealed during Sony Paris show

Found 30th Oct 2017
guys as the title states would love to hear you guys opinion and if you guys wanna watch it it starts at 3pm GB time. pushsquare.com/new…nce
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More exclusives to put another nail in x box's coffin.
On another note roll on the 7th as I got my scorpio coming. Lol.
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I've been watching some vids and rumours are 7 new exclusives to be confirmed. Heres hoping bloodbourne 2 😁
Hopefully no more remasters
Snakeyes6464 h, 6 m ago

Hopefully no more remasters

Theyre done remastering games. Theyve now both moved onto remastering the consoles themselves not once but twice lol
hopefully an overhaul of the terrible UI of the console.
Highlights were the obvious really but nothing special, spiderman didn't get a good cheer compared to God of war or tlou2.. too much VR stuff which is good for ppl that have VR but I think the money spent on VR could be put towards more amazing exclusives.
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