What do you ladies reckon? Funky or naff???

    Shuellas Umbrella Shoes Keep Your Jimmy Choos Safe in the Rain
    Can an umbrella be classified as a gadget? That is debatable. But well tell you this - there is only one thing a girl likes more than her gadgets, and that is her shoes. So take a gander at these pairs of Shuellas. Shuellas are the love child of a shoe and an umbrella. The idea is behind them is that they work like an umbrella for your feet and shoes, so that you can keep those Jimmy Choos safe in the rain. Shuellas are easily stored in your purse, so that when the weather gets icky, youll be prepared. They have reinforced PVC slip-free soles that prevent wear from high heels, they also are sporting umbrella-like velcro straps, and each pair comes with a carry pouch and a towel. You can pick a pair up in either pink or black for $49-$58.

    what about these? lol


    what about these? lol

    They should be posted in deals:p

    they dont look right :?

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    what about these? lol

    I suppose they're not bad as an emergency that you can fit in your bag, I wouldn't feel too stupid wearing them (I don't think). Won't be rushing out to buy some anytime soon though, will just put up with wet feet.
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