what do you make of this email i received yesterday

    i received this email supposedly from a DC Simon Robinson regarding an ebay transaction i did in Sep 2006 ( paid never got the items)

    I have emailed the Lanchashire police to see if its true but no reply yet.

    anyways have a look and let me know what you think:thumbsup:

    I am DC 930 Simon Robinson working from Nelson CID in Lancashire. I am investigating a large scale serious EBAY fraud where I believe you are a victim.

    Yourself and 2000 plus customers have made complaints direct to EBAY regarding one of the two EBAY user names, threelaneroads or bobbingtons where you would have purchased either some razor blades in 2006 or an MP3 player in 2007.

    I have arrested the male responsible for these crimes and have every intention of putting him before the court. However prior to this I need to collate additional information to that already provided by EBAY. The information that I require from you is at the foot of this email.

    Should anyone wish to discuss the validity of this email, confirm its authenticity or establish if I am a genuine Police Officer (I can assure you that I am!) then please follow one of the below methods. Do NOT contact Lancashire Police directly via phone as it will slow the communications systems down potentially jeopardise emergency calls.

    Please do not contact the Police via telephone.

    1. Email me at [email protected] with a telephone number and I will return your call at my earliest convenience. Please be advised this could take a while due to the number of victims.

    2. Please find the attached link to the official Lancashire Police website for verification:…323

    The information I require is:

    Your email address typed here, for ease to tabulate results:
    What you purchased?
    When you purchased it?
    How much did it cost?
    What was the payment method?
    Has it arrived?
    If it has, is it what you ordered?
    Are you prepared to make an official statement if required?
    Are you prepared to go to court and give evidence?

    Could the replies be address to:

    [email protected]

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated in this matter. Due to the volume of victims it will not be possible to update each and everyone in person, but I will make every effort to update via email when the case is finalised. Please be patient with this enquiry, it is a large investigation and will take time to resolve.

    Also if you contact expect a delay due to the numbers of calls anticipated. There is a voice mailbox where a message can be left

    DC 930 Simon Robinson, Nelson CID.


    This message may contain information which is confidential or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please advise the sender immediately by reply e-mail and delete this message and any attachments, without retaining a copy.

    Lancashire Constabulary monitors its emails, and you are advised that any e-mail you send may be subject to monitoring.

    This e-mail has been scanned for the presence of computer viruses.




    The reply email looks legitimate to me, however, trust your instincts and contact the PC directly by phone first, they will be more than willing to offer advice

    email adress is legit

    Looks genuine.
    I would of been suspicious if they had asked for really personal details like bank details / card details / paypla details or ebay id etc..

    It doesnt actually ask for anything like that.

    Also the email address that the email was sent to is that the one registered ot EBay. If not then isnt genuine but if it is then sounds more like it is for real.


    yep thats what i thought and the path seems to be true also, i just … yep thats what i thought and the path seems to be true also, i just thought if the police were investigating someone on ebay wouldnt they telephone me to ask for information?

    dont know if they have youe phone number
    only ebayl accounts

    and this is the modern world

    I would ask the officer to give you a call saying there a lot of fraud and you want to take precautions


    yep looks genuine..... where would the scam be? not exactly asking passwords etc

    They wouldnt be able to tell you if they'd arrested someone? Only say something along the lines of "We have a male helping us with out enquiries?"
    Yeah the email looks genuine but it could be an email forwarder? [not sure even if i know what i mean LOL]

    And i dont think he should be able to say "I have full intention to put him in front of court" Well he's only ben arrested. Not charged. They cant keep someone more then 48hours????[i think] before charging[especially just on a suspicion of fraud charge] I think its only the terrorism act that extends an arrest.

    Everything i might be saying might just be mumbo jumbo i believe to be correct.

    Would be great if someone could confirm what ive said, erase something or fix something I said.

    Strange that it says do not contact by telephone though

    Try to establish everything that could mean its illegitimate.

    then try to establish everything that could mean its legitimate.

    Then weigh out the facts.

    god sounds like my psychology coursework!

    I think it's strange that the officer uses an exclamation mark in his email ... seems a bit strange to me. Then again, I'm paranoid :giggle:

    This link will probably help you-
    looks very legit.

    I just googled lancashire police, got their website, and used the search engine to type in ebay, and up popped the page.

    Mind you, AFAIK it's possible to insert dodgy pages into legit websites if you're clever enough, so I wouldn't be happy unless I'd phoned the police on a number I trusted and got a reply that way. Or perhaps just turn up at your local station - they should be able to confirm it's legit.

    Just spoke to a "man -in -the -know" and he has said to ring the Divisional Headquarters on 01282-425001. Once thro to a "human" ask them to verify the existence of said police officer and explain the situation or visit your local nick with a copy of the email:thumbsup:
    hope that helps:)

    One of the reasons he might not want you to phone him is that there are 2000 victims of this fraud! The lines would be swamped if everyone rang.

    If you dont want to give your details then dont bother wasting his time. I'm sure one of the other 2000 victims will be happy to oblige.


    One of the reasons he might not want you to phone him is that there are … One of the reasons he might not want you to phone him is that there are 2000 victims of this fraud! The lines would be swamped if everyone rang.

    It looks like he's based in Nelson, which is a *pretty* small place. 2000 phone callers would really cause a lot of stress! Probably the biggest case they've had for years! What I don't understand is how a scammer ripped off 2000 people under just two ebay IDs?

    It is legit, I received something like this a few months ago. I was conned too but got my money back.

    I replied saying I got my money back from the seller but I was willing to help.

    A few months later, got a follow up email saying the con had been charged.

    This forum: ]http//ww…tml
    Has more info, including an earlier email from the same Officer, which states:
    "I understand that some people may view this as a SPAM email or a hoax. If this is so please feel free to contact Lancashire Constabulary on 01282 425001 (Burnley Communications)."
    If you read it through, it seems like they got 1600 phone calls checking, which would make the 'do not call' fairly understandable!

    edit- NB seems like they had the same initial suspicions there, even with the contact number on their email!


    Strange that it says do not contact by telephone though

    Yea but if this Ebay seller has ripped of thousands of people the Police wouldnt have time or resources to phpne everyone.

    It would be easer to run out a email to people then phoning every individual.

    No probs, always intrigued by this sort of thing!

    Wow, I've just read this thread and as I was reading I was thinking - "this can't be real, what a scam". But now you've said it is real, - way to go DC Robinson and Lancashire Constabulary - I am impressed.

    Please, keep us updated. :thumbsup:


    take a look at the forum Billyx posted. seems this seller scammed … take a look at the forum Billyx posted. seems this seller scammed thousands of pounds. good luck to DC Robinson he can count on me. oh yes thanks again billyx for the link

    Nice one. :thumbsup:
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