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Found 30th Jul 2008


I really like this laptop, fits my bill as the smallest (14" screen ideally lookin at 13 or 12"), laptop which has everything (dedicated GFX was important... this has 1GB DDR3 3650 which is great) except a BR drive, which is expensive anyway.. The cheapest I have found it to be is $1149. I have people who are coming from the US so am thinking of getting this. Comes with 2 yr Global Warranty and 1yr Accidental Warranty, Zero Deadpixel Warranty, Mouse, Bag and XP driver disc (depending on availability)

Any thoughts... I cant see any any shortcomings. Not worried about brands as I have seen lemons in every brand.. I am quite satisfied with ASUS!!

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why has this been expired.. i am asking for opinion and it placed in MISC..

that's class as you get 800mhz memory, good deal

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yes and its a P8400 as well.. not a T8400, I am struggling to find fault or even some alternative.... and am very tempted to order this... the mobo has the P45 chipset as well.. so it will probably run cooler and use less power!! Any idea what the UK price for this laptop would be.. ?? (just incase I need to resell it if I dont like the looks or if its way too heavy)? though I should see that happen for atleast 2 months..


reported to mod's to be unexpired unileeds, you might want to do the same. Press the http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/custom_buttons/report.gif left of your avatar.

I'm a big fan of asus lappys - great build quality and nicely deisgned :-D

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