What do you think of Identity Theft Protection from Cifas.org.uk? £20 for two years

Posted 18th Mar 2017
This seems like a good deal and being a Charity it seems to be alligned with proper government agencies. I am doing so much online and I'm starting to think it's time to get protection. I already do the basics like shredding and anti virus, and it's not like I have an empire to protect. But I do want to be proactive. In the US there's companies like Lifelock, and some of the credit agencies offer services. With so much of my life online I'm unsure what to do? Of course I'd like to avoid a monthly fee if I can.
Actually this GoCompare article seems informative and mentions Cifas. gocompare.com/mon…on/
But I'm really interested in the community's thoughts.
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I notice too that Experian has a free service if anyone has thoughts on that too? experian.co.uk/con…tml
I wouldn't bother. Having been a victim of someone using my bank card details twice, the banks reimburse you for any fraudulent activity anyway. As long as you weren't involved or careless with your details. All they can do really is raise a flag on your account for retailers to double-check your identity when applying for credit.
The gocompare article will mention them as they are commission sales based.
Just google what you need to do rather than giving your money away.
Just use your head....
Give me a fiver a month and I will help with personalised advice and tips you will not find anywhere else.
I would like to know what they will do for the money ? if I setup a copy of your Facebook, Twitter or even Hotdeals account a) how are they going to stop me b) how are they going to take down all the content c) how they going to find me d) how am I not going to get away with it

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well that article u have posted suggests it's a waste of time as it theoretical just pays for u to try and get ur identity back if that's what u want call it it doesn't pay or help in anyway towards any stolen money.
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