What do you think of this car lease deal please

Found 31st Dec 2017
Hi, I'm looking for a small run around, low initial payment and low monthly payments.

ive found this nationalvehiclesolutions.co.uk/Peu…727

Im not sure if im doing this correctly as I'm new to leasing. It seemed a good deal as it appears to be £155.89 initial payment, another 23 x £155.89 & an admin fee. 10000 miles.
To me this seems a good deal for what I'm after but wondered what the more experienced of you may say.

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Looks quite a good deal, but if it’s only a run around (I do about 4K a year) do you really need 10k. Looking on here at previous threads Yes lease comes up quite a lot. Currently doing a smart four four 10k for £158 plus admin fee £300 or Citroen c3 5dr 5k for £155 plus fee both 24month lease
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Hi, thanks for replying. I see what you are saying in regards to mileage. My mileage can fluctuate as I work visiting people's homes although it is in my local area. I'll have a look at the 2 you suggested. Thanks again.
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