What do you think of this mountain bike?

    I need a mountain bike and can't spend more than £100. Someone is selling this one near me 2nd hand, what do you think of it and how much would it be worth paying for this?

    "I have here a Scott Montana black and yellow mountain bike with front suspension. It has v-brakes and 21 gears. It is in good working condition. I am willing to take offers please just contact me."


    I don't know how to post an image in a thread lol


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    ok thanks

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    So it is worth buying this for like 70-100 over a brand new bike that's £100?

    Yes, in the long run it is, provided the bike has either been little used or well maintained, and hasn't just been left outdoor to rust. If the gears and brakes work smoothly and everything that should move does so (suspension etc) its a good buy at £70.
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