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Found 10th Jan 2009
Hey, I'm just about to order these parts for my 1st pc build, Here's the bits and pieces i've gone for, Can you recommend me better parts for same price or even cheaper? Also any advice and help is very greatful!!


Anything i have missed out? i think i've missed out the cpu fan but other then that any ideas? Do all these parts go together or is it just wrong?

Cheers ppl. Sean.

PS, i already have a hard drive


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also forgot to add this: ebuyer.com/pro…712

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can nobody help me with this?


can nobody help me with this?

Ha ha, I think that asking for help with an insult in the title may be holding the hoards of willing "Pc geeks" back matey! :-D

Bare in mind you can't burn DVD's with that drive.

If you plan to put any decent GFX in it in the future, the PSU would concern me.

The dell outlet has good deals at the moment for me, for example:

Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66Ghz, 500GB, 1GB, DVD ROM with Vista HP.

It's a slim tower vostro but a very good deal. £187 delivered. They're limited but some good deals come up.

CPU Fan comes with the Processor as it is a Retail package. Only OEM packages come without a HSF.

I am not too clued up on AMD systems to be honest. I notice you are missing a hard drive also.

I would recommend changing to an Intel based system for sure;


Slightly more expensive but overall I think it will be much better.

Also, don't forget to add it all up and then check Dell's website. Ensure you can't get something pre-built for the same money with a better package and specification.


Ha ha, I think that asking for help with an insult in the title may be … Ha ha, I think that asking for help with an insult in the title may be holding the hoards of willing "Pc geeks" back matey! :-D

I stand corrected! Must have been the right time of day for a bump!

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haha i was right to bump it lol i wasn't really planning on putting a graphics card in it, but if i built a custom pc i always have the option to add and change parts? Isn't AMD good for money? I found a dvd rewriter on another website for £13 so i will replace that with the 1 above! i already have a hard drive btw

AMD is probably just as good as Intel at the lower end of the scale, although I personally would take an Intel processor over an AMD one. It is up to you really, although I do believe the board I mentioned is a much better buy, so going for that with the Intel processor may make more sense if you check the specification.

Do bare in mind though what Emasu and myself mentioned, Dell have some good deals at the moment and buying from them if you get more for your money is definitely the way to go.


i wasn't really planning on putting a graphics card in it

Not all motherboards come with on-board graphics so if you plan to avoid buying a graphics card make sure your motherboard includes it.

Personally I would spend a little more on the case.

At this price the case is going to be very flimsy and not very well made, also probably noisy.

Read the reviews on the ebuyer site.

This deal at £53 is for case, PSU and fans and is pretty good (I have one)


Cases are one part taste and one part use. Do you plan on re-using the case in the future or having to move it? A more durable case would be a good choice for those looking to make an 'investment' in a case. I opted for a Thermaltake case a couple years ago, planning on using it for a good 5 years at least. It also had lots of nice convenience features, like aluminum construction, dampers on the drive mounts, thumb screws, ect...
But for plenty of people a £20 can is all they want, it will sit beneath the desk and when that computer is done it goes in the bin.

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well im not sure how long i will want the case for but i also found this case,
I think im gonna stick with the amd cpu, but will the cpu fit the mobo and will the ram fit the mobo? anyone know else where to get pc cases from with the psu's??

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