What do you think of your Internet Service Provider?.

    I am currently with Tiscali BroadBand 512kb... (supposedly-unlimited, always on) it cost £24.99 a month...

    I only found out last month they hid a clause in T & C's which gives them the right to totally manage your connection...

    They say I have exceeded 50gb of downloads which affects their network integrity, so that then gives them the right to impose capping... meaning 12 hours at 512kb speeds & 12 hours of 56kb modem speeds... this appears to be on a permanant basis & doesnt get reset...

    Customer services are totally rubbish, they wont respond to anything thats not in their favour... if you contact them directly, you get the "we will get back to you" saying...

    They avoid all questions relating to their hidden capping policy...

    If you visit their forums & you dont sign in! their Customer Services/broadband help/complaints will show "no posts in the last year" but you can visit all other topics...
    Sign in though & you see the huge amount of probs the subscribers are suffering...

    Is your I.S.P any better/worse?

    - acecatcher3


    ouch! over what time period did u download the 50gb? i download approx 40gb a month, sometimes less, sometimes more...

    i've used blueyonder for about 2 years now i think and it's great - no probs (cross fingers!)

    it's £25 for 750mb (always online) connection and no limits (there are for slower connections with them tho)...…htm

    I'm on Wanadoo 1Mbps,6Gb download limit for £22.99 a month.Not really had any problems.I can't see me exceeding my download level,unless I start hoovering up movies (again)


    Aol 512kb, its ok, doesnt really have down time or slow down but is costly compared to other providers, might think of moving service.

    I have Tiscali Broadband 512kb too, but don't have any problems
    I have had it for over a year now.

    I'm with, nice fast connection. Only ever had one problem and they sorted it out very quickly. I think you really discover the value of your sevice provider when something goes wrong, and plus were very quick at sorting things out.

    Original Poster


    I have Tiscali Broadband 512kb too, but don't have any problemsI have had … I have Tiscali Broadband 512kb too, but don't have any problemsI have had it for over a year now.Rikesh

    then you are lucky, but then, you must have fell short of their trigger point... but being that you are with tiscali, checkout…ms/ you will have to do a quick register to be able to read the complaints/problems sections... otherwise it will pretend there hasnt been any...

    I'm on Telewest 768/128. It's alright but the upload speed of 128 is horrendous. I was on BT before and the upload with them was almost 512 I think. Every now and then my cable modem starts giving me a local IP address and I have to restart it to get the proper one but I'm not sure why it's doing that or who's fault that is.

    I got Telewest because of the faster d/l speed, the price, free modem and free first month.

    Zen ([url][/url]) have been excellent for me

    I've been with NTL cable for a while now.

    Downstream 700 Kbps (87.5 KB/sec) - True speed should be 756 Kbps (inc. overheads)

    Upstream 120 Kbps (15.0 KB/sec) - True speed should be 129 Kbps (inc. overheads)

    I'm very satisfied with NTL. Quite a few people complain about them, but I've hardly ever had any problems. Download speed is fine for me as is the uploading.

    CLICK HERE TO RUN A SPEED TEST [color=blue]You'll need to have java installed + properly configured.[/color]

    At the moment, it's:

    1) £8.99p/month for 300k for the first three months, from then on it's £17.99p/month

    2) £12.49p/month for 750k for the first three months, from then on it's £24.99p/month

    3) £18.99p/month for 1.5mb for the first three months, from then on it's £37.99p/month

    You can CHECK HERE to see if it's available in your postcode area.

    From there you can click through to find out if your computer is capable of running a broadband connection.

    They also have a broadband medic program to download once you are using their service. Which could be a great help to new users, as it helps solve problems + can be used in conjunction with their customer services.

    If you have cable available to you, I recommend them anyway.

    now my turn to hide from the flack


    CLICK HERE TO RUN A SPEED TEST [color=blue]You'll need to have java … CLICK HERE TO RUN A SPEED TEST [color=blue]You'll need to have java installed + properly configured.[/color]

    Hey thats rather cool, cheers for that Ray.


    Zen ([url][/url]) have been excellent for me

    576mbps dl, 256mbps ul

    8 static ips (very usefull as I have quite a few services running etc.)

    £23.99 a month now i think.

    Of course I have a better deal here .. 10mbit at £2.09 a week

    Heya all

    I am new to this forum, so firstly Hi!

    I am with Pipex Solo 512, and have to say it is excellent, I have had one or two downtimes but nothing terrible. I know a few people have trouble with Pipex customer services, I have only had the need to ring them once and found they answered quickly and dealt with my problem efficiently. My hubby uses the connection for online gaming and his ping is one of the best. Theres no download limit, and for my first broadband provider have found them really good. £23.44 a month.

    Helen x

    Welcome to HUKD Helly


    Telewest are upgrading there upload speeds soon.

    i'm on aol 1mb and think its absolutely fine the only problem we had was that our bt line kept disconnecting us but we got that fixed and everythings hunky dory now

    welcome helly

    I'm with Highstream - they've been great and about £10 a month for dial-up 24hrs a day. Only problem I've had I called the freephone line and they were great.

    If you recommend a friend you get a free month too. ( any offers? :lol: )

    Don't know any of that technical stuff though :?

    BT line can be dodgy at times.

    Original Poster

    Now, I am getting really pee'd off....

    I am on 512kb BB... unlimited, or so it quotes....

    I have just had a letter from Tiscali telling me my account will be terminated in 90 days as I have used in too much...

    They will not provide migration details neither so you have to go through the end contract, clear the line, start new contract with another isp & wait fro line... how boring...

    Ironically, at the same time, they are offering a 1mb connection for the same money as my 512kb one... cannot see how they can offer a service if they cannot cope with peeps like me browsing the net TOO MUCH...

    Im still being charged £24.99... when it is now advertised at £19.99 :x

    They are still quoting UNLIMITED in their adds & in their comparison chart on their site... >>Look Here<<

    Tiscali Customer Support is second to none when it comes to being the crappiest, online on there forum, they ignore all but the simplest of probs...

    If you have to resort to phoning them, they simply cannot understand plain english nor can you understand their accent & yet have the cheek to bill you 50p per minute will you try to explain in their language & get absolutely nowhere...

    They blatantly lie to deceive the public...

    To anybody thinking about tiscali.... dont do it...

    Oh dear, poor LoneCrusader :cry:

    Thank goodness I decided not to go to Tiscali when Highstream stopped supplying the UK! Phew!

    I'm with Tesco at the moment and they've been fine so far £12.49 a month for dial-up.

    Also called BT and got them to increase the gain on my line a couple of times and what a difference! Wish I'd known about that sooner :wink:

    Original Poster

    Tiscali Customer were due to phone me back today, but needless to say, no call arrived...

    On enquiring, I was told the fella dealing with me had to go & have a tooth out...

    I could have saved him the bother :twisted:

    I wonder if somebody already punched him in the mouth... :twisted:

    I've never heard of such a thing, I've used my unlimited BB too much... :shock:

    I shall not die quietly... :twisted:
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