What do you tie roast with and where to get it?

    My wife is not the best cook but asked me what to tie the roast with and where to get from. I have no idea but I am sure someone on here will be in the know.


    Some strong rope , tie it to the fence post :thumbsup:

    P.S. watch out for the angry farmer

    I use string and I get it from Asda...............................................

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    I want to tie the roast not my wife:p


    cable ties

    rubber bands ;-)

    Just normal string, Don't use plastic! anywhere that sells string, the post office over the road to me sells string

    Just normal string and i get it from wilko's/poundland/post office etc


    Just make sure its fire proof string


    use parcel string - cotton

    not garden twine (jute) or polyprolyene string


    Umm Are you sure the roast need tying :roll:

    Where did you get the roast that you need to tie it? And what kind is it? Mine's usually comes already done - either from the supermarket or the butcher.


    I bet after all this its roast potatoes
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