What do you use to clean OLED screens?

Posted 3rd Mar
I bought an OLED monitor a few months ago and the screen is getting a bit tatty. I have not used any cleaning products on it as I am worried about damaging the screen. Was thinking about buying Duronic screen cleaner off Amazon. Wondering if anyone uses that or similar products?
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special microfibre cloth, wet if stubborn marks, if not then dry.
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Just use a damp microfiber cloth , then dry with a dry microfiber cloth. Keep clean from day to day with dry microfiber . Works well with TV screens too.
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I've always used Specsavers glasses cleaner, gets absolutely everything off the TV. All my tvs have glass screens like your oled and none of them have suffered.
I use since age a damp microfiber cloth for my monitor and it works well. If it's not just dust I have some display cleaner from Staples.
AMaky03/03/2020 17:34

special microfibre cloth, wet if stubborn marks, if not than dry.

Water and a micro fibre cloth. Comes out perfect everytime.
Unicorn pee and a microfibre cloth.
40035845-MN3lX.jpgAlthough the carpet and walls are a bit wet if the aim is off
I use windowlean and works fine. I tried the water on a microfiber and noticed slight streaks, so tried a spray of windowlean on a microfiber which works great
I use 'Nilglass' which doesn't leave any residue and is pretty cheap
Metal scrubbers and Ajax I find works best...
spit shine
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