what do you want to be on offer

    hi folks.

    this is your chance to tell us what you would really want to see reduced from our website. the overall winning product will be discounted on friday for the weekend so this is your chance to grab a bargin! please post your reply rather than PM'ing me.


    Not had a look yet but thank you for the kind offer

    Intel Quad Core QX6700 / 2.66 GHz processor about half price? :P

    Hmmm should this be misc? Who knows...

    Alot of people will be wanting to look at possible Vista machines this year, so a decent discount if buying case/mobo/ram/cpu/gfx/ all from you with a possible/free? build service (do you offer that?)

    I personally would be interested in that.

    nice bit of free advertising !!!

    i would like x6800 and may be 8800GTX at half price or cheaper??

    Original Poster

    ok guys sensible offers!!!! ;-)

    We are looking into the bundle idea, i doubt it would be built, not for free anyway, but it is simple to build machines anyway

    8800GTX/GTS would be a good plan. Scan did a Palit GTS for £258 over the weekend.

    moved here from Deal Requests section

    I'd like a 19" monitor for less than £100 delivered please...

    SOunds good Sean

    A golden condor like the one off Mysterious Cities of Gold please.
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