Posted 25th Jun 2022
I be calling HMRC next week but I got my payslip yesterday and my taxcode is 1153L, checked on their website and it says standard is 1257L and doesn't say what 1153L means. Anyone has any idea - my tax is also higher then last month now but no change in salary.
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    It means you can earn £11530 tax free. 1257L means you can earn £12570 tax free.

    You either have £1040 of taxable benefits, ie gym, health care, car etc or you've underpaid in a previous year which you would have a notification for.

    Or.....HMRC have just simply got it wrong.
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    Is it a new job? Sounds like an emergency tax code.
    Doesn’t that say wk1 for emergency code?
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    Best thing to do is to register with hmrc you then can instantly be notified when Tax code changes and income being taken into account. Won't help with this issue but will help in future (edited)
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    Mine is the 1257l code and since April new tax year they already have been deducting tax off my wage !
    Thought it’s when you have earned £12,570?
    Of course you get taxed every month. There not going to wait till your tax allowance hits. They average it out over the year. So say you earn 23k they minus you free allowance and then divide it in to equal parts of tax for each month.
    Mine is C1405L the only reason why mine is different is because I’ve got uniform tax and mileage allowance on mine. (edited)
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    It is averaged out over the year @Misslovely So say your annual salary was £12570+ £12000 per annum, you would be paying tax on £1000 every month. Hope the makes sense

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    wouldn't it be 20 percent on 3430, as that amount earn after tax allowance and says 20 percent is tax bracket ,
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    It means you have either 2 jobs or additional taxable benefits or underpaid tax in previous year/s
    I changed job start of this year would that be the reason?
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    This can also happen if you earn under the personal allowance amount and receive interest on savings.

    Given the numerous scenarios it's impossible for us to be able to know why your code has been reduced specifically. As others have said, you're best to logon/register to your online tax account as that should show a breakdown of how your tax code has been calculated.
    Surely you mean earn over the personal allowance?
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    I would phone up, my tax code is split with 2 jobs but it was a bit sort last year and there had something stuck in system so sorted it out, so have a chat, there ask you for your earnings, work and are quite friendly tho take a while to pick up and sign on website to check tax code, as I now got one job but my tax code still split,I little jolt and quickly sorted

    but yes the number before is how much you can earn, you can change it to what you want,but once you over allowance you pay, the letters usually indicotror little thing (edited)
    I would usually advise this as well but the poor chap will need to book a half day off and still hope they get hold of an advisor.
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    Download the HMRC app and you will be able to look at your tax code in detail there
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