what does bump mean and what is the AV forum?

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Found 12th Jun 2009
as the title says what do peeps mean when they say 'bump' randomly and also when you talk abou tthe AV forums do you mean somewhere on HDUK or just taking about AV forums in general ie diff web sites.

thanks guys!

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Avforums is a totally different forums. It's a different site.

A bump brings your thread to the top of the page in the FS FT forum, you can do that 3 times.

AV forums is another site that also has a FS FT forum :thumbsup:

bump makes the post jump to the top of a fourm.
instead of saying somthing like "please does anyone know the answer" blahhh, just by typing out bump just means that the OP would like some more input or w/e

AV Forums is a different website.

People say 'bump' so that their post is 'bumped' back to the top of the list. Whenever you make a post, the thread you post it goes to the top of the page. You don't have to say 'bump', you can say anything, but it's just what people say

edit: too slow lol :-D

bring up my post
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