what does cashback mean?

    i see alot of deals here, such as mobile phones, games but it says cashback, quidco and something like that.

    what exactly is cashback?


    if you are going to buy something go through quidco which is a site you can get cashback from certain sites for making purchases

    You go on the cashback site and then they will direct you to the site you would like to buy from and they will pay you back what ever the the prices says


    Have a look, there are others as well.

    Quidco , Cashback Kings, Top cashback, Fat cheese, We promise too,

    : are all sites you can join and get money back on your purchases, ie; cashback


    this is the best one in my experience (also paying 1% extra xmas bonus on all offers too)

    fat cheese?? lol


    fat cheese?? lol

    You like fat or cheese Clarity :whistling:


    You like fat or cheese Clarity :whistling:

    Both... drooling now :-D:p


    Both... drooling now :-D:p


    Basically all of the cashback websites are given commission for advertising the different products to consumers and if u go through their sites they give some of that commission or sometimes all of it to you, for a small yearly fee in the case of quidco this is £5.




    What does cashback on Cravendale milk mean? £1.50 Earn 50p CASHBACK
    Does it mean you get 2L of milk for £1?
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