What does everyone think of the Nokia 5800?

    Im thinking of getting this because i need a new phone i currently have a (w850i).

    Cheapest i can find unlocked is £240. But does anyone else sell it cheaper? I can find it only at and no where else.




    carphone warehouse have them for £209 on a network but apparentley they are unlocked

    dunno, was thinkin of gettin one tho.

    chec k out revie at nokia . co .uk


    i got it on saturday and it is a great phone, really good battery life can go all day listening to music and only drop at max a bar


    carphone warehouse have them for £209 on a network but apparentley they … carphone warehouse have them for £209 on a network but apparentley they are unlocked

    You can only get it for this price if you have an active O2 simcard otherwise they will get you to top up 20 quid although even then it's still a good price. The phone is indeed unlocked, infact it's just a standard non-branded 5800 with an O2 simcard.

    As for how good the phone is, that really depends on your preferences. If you're looking for something flashy with a fancy touchscreen interface then the 5800 isn't for you as it's aimed at functionality rather than style. The interface is a mildly spruced up S60 mostly by making icons and options larger to make them easier to press. If you've used any of the existing S60 phones such as the N95 then this is much the same - if you don't like S60 phones then I doubt this will change your mind but if you're looking for an S60 phone with a touchscreen then you may well like it.

    Personally I'm quite keen on S60 in its current form and was interested to see what they'd done in the new version, decide to pick up a 5800 to have a look and also as a more compact partner to the E90 communicator. I wasn't expecting much but so far I've been quite impressed, the touch aspect mostly works well with a few minor niggles - some of the scrollbars are too small to easily use with fingers and there's a bit of inconsistency between single tapping and double tapping which can make the touchscreen seem unresponsive. I've just been using my touchscreen with my fingers without issue, I read some comments that it's not responsive and needs the stylus so there may be some variety in the quality.


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    Thanks for that mini review john,

    I might go down to CFW and get one then! Im on o2 anyway so extra credit and a cheaper phone! £209 is very good.

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    Anyone else got one?



    Thank you for that intelligent post Einstein.

    Anyway I think with every phone you must consider the price/feature combination very closely, as price influences alot of people decisions.

    Personally I think for such a cheaply priced phone - half the price of the iPhone with which it is not even really directly in competition as it's aimed at the music market (hence Comes with Music and XpressMusic in the name) its a very very competitively priced phone. I think the cheapest release price of ANY decently spec'd nokia.

    Sure the screen is not as nice as the iPhone and it doesn't look as nice and doesn't have the same user experience.

    But I think for more than £180 less, I'm willing to accept that for a better camera and the years and years of Nokia experience that has gone into the phone. Video calling, MMS, message forwarding etc. are all normal phone features and which I take for granted - so buying a Nokia phone will mean I get a *proper* texting/calling phone AS WELL as the rest of the nifty features like GPS, Camera etc.

    The iPhone is good but I personally couldn't live with it as it's not got all the features I want.

    Thats my opinion. So make up your own mind, but features per £ the 5800 wins hands down - against almost ALL phones!
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