What does LTE on a Galaxy S4 mean please? Any general CEX trade-in advice?

Found 10th May 2013
I've got a Galaxy S4 arriving tomorrow but no longer want it, so planning on selling it as soon as it arrives to pay for a holiday instead.

What's the difference between the LTE model? CEX are offering £476, or £484 for the LTE - will I be able to find out without opening the box?

Anything I need to know about selling something to CEX? I've only ever sold them a couple of old Wii games years ago, and can't remember much about the process - is it fairly safe to send off a high-value item like this to them? Or should I be trying to sell it some other way for more cash?!
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LTE model means its 4G capable.


Can't help you with CEX though, never used them.

LTE model means its 4G … LTE model means its 4G capable.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTE_(telecommunication)Can't help you with CEX though, never used them.

Thanks. I did try to google it, but these things tend to go over my head somewhat - I'm basically getting from that is that it means it's 4G capable? Not sure what the difference between the two models CEX are mentioning is - I'd thought that the S4 was a 4G phone anyway, maybe I'm wrong on that and it's only specific models. Might google some more!
Good luck with CEX, wouldn't ever do business with them

Good luck with CEX, wouldn't ever do business with them

Any clues on that?
The LTE is a different model/version number. It will be printed on the box. Google it when it arrives
Take a look at CEX fb page first. They are well known for swapping phones and claiming phone is then worth less due to fault, damage etc. Their customer service is terrible. I would never sell anything to them again.
The LTE model is i9505 I've got one and I love it.
all uk ones are 9505 lte models the guys in the pricing dept made two many codes
Thanks! It's just arrived and is the 9505. I'd thought CEX would be safer than a private sale... perhaps not! Will try the FS board here I think.
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