What does that PCMCIA slot on my TV do?

Found 31st Oct 2006
I bought a 32" Samsung HDTV in February and it has every connection imaginable. I use most of them (including my xbox HD upscaling cables), but I haven't yet found a use for what looks like a PCMCIA slot in the side of the tv.

What is it for? What can I (in theory) do with it? It's another gadget to fiddle with...
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maybe a PCMCIA network card? (dont hold me to that though):thinking: i dunno
It appears to be a 'cable card' socket, which given I cant get cable means it's useless..
Assuming it's a freeview ready TV, the slot may be for a TopUp TV CAM (conditional access module) - a smart card to enable you to get pay-TV subscription services.


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