what does the cache mean when looking at a processor

    im looking at laptops and im trying to work out which is the better processor and i dont know what difference having a bigger cache is for example why is 2mb better than 1mb, what difference will it make, any help gratefully recieved.


    basically cache memory access is much faster than RAM or ROM access. common istructions get stored in cache so bigger is better

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    ok so what would you reccomend as a minimum when buying a new laptop

    just go for the fastest processor you can afford. the better the processor the more cache it has, usually. if you look at mikeT blog it has links to a processor comparison site that has benchmarks on it.

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    ok mate thanks for the help

    something like this is good, as the cpu runs at 2.0Ghz, faster bus at 800Mhz and 4MB cache, most cheap laptops have the slower T5xxx series or the pentium dual core


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    the first one has a better graphics card i think but the second one has a better processor
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