What does the Ninchuck thing for the Wii do?

    Just had a quick go on the Wii last night, played Wii sports and Wii play using the Wiimote. We also have that Ninchuck thing that plugs into the Wiimote, what is that supposed to do and what games use it?


    red steel zelda

    wii sports boxing

    wii play tanks!

    I played the boxing last night and needed to sit down for half hour afterwards as i was knackered. :-D

    Addicted to the Baseball & Bowling at the minute. :thumbsup:

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    Cheers, looks like a bit of practise then to work this thing out. Yeah I had a quick blast of baseball and got to the 4th team, I said I would go to bed once I lost. I did not lose, drew my 4th team 0-0 but decided enough is enough and had to force myself to turn it off and go to bed.

    I bet when playing two players on a lot of these games you have a fair few smashed up hands when your both flinging your arms about!!!

    Numchuk is used in Marvel: Ultimate Aliance for movement with the joystick and the buttons are used for various things.
    It's also used in Rampage for movement in the same way.
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