What does the 'Posts/Day' mean in our profiles?

    Because i've been a memeber for just under 1 year. There's 365 days in a year and i've made 576 posts but it says 'Posts/Day 0.79'.

    What does that mean 0.79? I know i'm going to look stupid when someone gives me the answer but its bugging me.


    The amount of posts you have made divided by the time you have been registered.

    So technically you have made 0.79 posts a day from the day you registered...

    Well it should mean that at least... LOL.
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    I never knew I needed to have GSCE maths to work out what was going on here. As you can probably tell I failed maths but suprisingly got a C in statistics although I did pay a guy a fiver to do a major project for me which is probably why I'm asking this question.

    Thanks Krazie.

    I think it used to be calculated correctly by the number of comments (posts) you had made per day. Now it seems closer to the amount of deals posted (threads started), but even that looks slightly out too.

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    I just assumed that over 365 posts would be 1.whatever per day over the year.

    yep should be 1.57 posts per day

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    I have over 3000 comments been on the site for 2 years and 3 months and it states - post per day 0.33

    I would just ignore it!

    Looks to be the number of deals poster per day


    Looks to be the number of deals poster per day

    I just tried 6 (deals) divided by 32 (days) for myself and it comes out at 1.875. Rounded up it makes 1.9, as shown on my profile.

    I think crow99 has got it!

    Yeah mines is 0.08 posts per day, when it should be a lot nearer 1.

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