What does this mean ??


    Well you can all laugh at me now But i know i won't be the only person who doesn't know this - here goes

    Q. what does it mean to have your xbox 'banned'

    i am asking because hubby keeps going on about getting an xbox or wii & i know nada about them
    thank you


    Banned from xbox live, for playing bootlegged games

    wont work on live, cant update,

    means banned from is the internet connection part of the xbox you can play online against people. If an xbox is banned then the player will not be able to connect it to the internet or play against other people via the internet.

    (thats what I think anyways! lol)

    Banned, prohibited from using it on Xbox live

    Xbox live is an online community where you can connect with people all over the world and play games against them through the internet.

    To combat people flashing the operating firware and playing copied games Microsoft can detect the use of copied games when using them online and ban your console from Xbox live

    Once banned you will never be able to use that console on XBOX live again, you can still use it to play games however but for a lot of people playing online is the best thing about the console.

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    Thank you

    i take it then if you play xbox live all players are supposed to have the game or download official software then?


    Yes, everyone connects to the live service by internet, puts their copy of the game in and links together.

    So if you have say you and 7 mates on a game, you could play 2 teams of 4 against each other.

    (Or if one is annoyingly good, swing it round to 7 on 1 til he stops being such a smug git! )

    Glad you asked I wondered that too!

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    I knew i wasn't the only one

    thanks for all replies xx

    Why does everyone want a banned one then?


    Why does everyone want a banned one then?

    'Everyone' doesn't. But there are a lot of people who don't have any interest in playing online, and rather just play the single player aspects of the games. It makes no odds to them if the console won't work online or not, and banned consoles are obviously cheaper to buy than non-banned ones.

    However, the current ban wave does more than just stop you using Live, it causes other problems.



    Why does everyone want a banned one then?

    so they dont need to pay for games

    you can still download and play games on a banned console, you just cant play them online
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