What does this mean? Please help!

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Found 30th Mar 2009
Does anyone know what this means?
Its in my additions direct transaction history for a order I made that didnt appear to show the discount that I had used, it was normal on sat and now its showing this -

Items you don't need to pay for now
(Available To Spend Has Been Reduced By Any Items Marked *)
26/03/09 XX002 Post And Packing 80
26/03/09 UT0901C Ski Jumping Penguins 80
26/03/09 UT7691H Aquadraw Travel Drawing Board 80
Closing Balance 0.00

I had arranged for the items to be returned and complained via e-mail that I had cancelled the order straight after but it had still been shipped out resulting in me paying P&P... so what does this mean?


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I paid with a debit card not a credit account if that helps at all

RIng them - they are the only ones that can answer this!

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Im a bit worried about doing that as I used a £25 off code that wasnt meant for me, got away with 4 other orders so dont really want to alert them to it...

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has anyone ever had this on their account before?

It means that you havent been charged for the items yet and they will show on your next statement

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I havent got a credit account with them though, I paid with my debit card at the time... and the money for the things has come out of my account
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