Posted 1 December 2017

What does Trial (Part Heard) - Hearing finished for Joe Bloggs

This is in the Crown Court records page. There is no more information. That was at the end of the day yesterday.
Is this still ongoing?? Has a verdict been reached??
Does anyone know what it means??
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    can you help on this one? Or do you need more details.
    could it be say a 3 day trial and this is what is recorded on the courts file for day 1
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    Hi, apologies for the delay, only just picked this up.

    I would say, just by reading the top line, that the hearing was previously part-heard, meaning it had started but could not be finished within the time allotted to it. When that happens the case continues from where they got up to in court, but the new date could be weeks after the first hearing.

    So, the case was continued and finished yesterday.

    I don't know the Crown Court website, do they normally post the outcome of cases? If they do then it could just be that the case finished late and the outcome will be posted the next working day. The only definite you can take is that the case is over.

    Sorry, can't be more helpful