what earphones should I get for a Samsung S4?

    I'm after a decent pair of earphones that are compatible to a Samsung s4. Nothing too pricey. Good sound quality for listening to music and watching short video clips. Any recommendations?

    Thankyou in advance.

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    Had pairs and pairs of headphones. Found Apple ones to be the best to be honest.

    + comfiest.

    My go-to headphones are Koss Portapro. They come in a variety of colours now. Beware, though, there's lots of fakes out there (I got a counterfeit pair from ebay for only a few quid cheaper, under the mistaken belief they are so cheap anyway, nobody would bother, learnt my lesson there!). Sound great, feel comfy, even fold up for putting in your bag easily.…pro

    The baffling thing is, they were always around £18-20 from Amazon the last few years, and the price seems to have went up quite a bit over the last year!…4ZH (classic version).

    PS: I would avoid third-party sellers to be on the safe side and stick with Amazon themselves.
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    Also, it may be overkill for some, but I use a remote with my headphones and my mobile. I can confirm this works with my Note 2.…002 (around £2.90).…_GB (there's a trial version, too).

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    Thanks James &Louise

    Not sure how these are (I have the K450s and they're great)…U66 £14.99

    The only thing I will say about these headphones (assuming they're the same build quality/materials) is that they are rather "slippy" on the ears and head! The PortaPros stay put quite comfortably.

    Edit: Comparison review (from the AKG K430 HUKD thread)…mix
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    Thread about them here…120 (saw them on the 10ways FB page..who suspiciously re-post a lot of HUKD stuff :P)!

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    lol. Yeh I noticed that thread. Read alot of reviews and alot say what you have just stated, that they are slippery. I do prefer the other type of headphones. The ear plug type ones. Thanks for all your help though really appreciated xx

    The CX300 II may be the ones for you then at £18.99…825

    I like Sony in ear ear buds, I never pay more than £15 for them
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