What else is needed with ps4 vr?

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Found 12th Dec 2016
I'm looking at getting the ps4 vr with the camera for my son but was wondering about anything else he needs. Special games, controller? Or will what he has with his ps4 be enough?


What he has will be enough, but you could take it a step further and buy 2 PlayStation move controls It'd make the experience all the better for him too
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How old is your son.

You will need certain VR compatible games: ign.com/wik…_VR

And PS Move controllers.

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you really need 2 move controllers

As has previously been asked, how old is your kid? VR isn't supposed to be good for your eyes if you're 12 and under.

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How old is your son.


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Thanks everyone. I didn't realise he would need so much with it so I may leave it.
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